Gloria In Excelsis Deo

Safe Environment

Since the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People by the Bishops of the United States in 2003, the Church has made great strides in developing policies and procedures that assist in providing safe environments for our young people.  One of the most important safety precautions instituted by the Charter has been the requirement that dioceses evaluate the background of all employees and volunteers who have contact with minors (and those who are vulnerable and elderly).

In 2018, the Charter was revised to ensure that all dioceses are using the most current and effective means at their disposal to protect the most vulnerable among us.  In compliance with the Charter, all employees and volunteers in the Diocese of Phoenix will be required to be trained in Safe Environment annually and complete a state and federal criminal background check prior to serving.

There is now a new database training and background check system through Catholic Mutual Group.  The new website is now http://phoenix.cmgconnect.org   If you have been serving in the Diocese for the last few years, your information and class history should have followed you to the new database.  If you are new to our Diocesan Safe Environment Training or if this is your fist time serving for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, you will have to create and complete a new profile and complete the Safe Environment Application.  You will be required to sign up for a “Live Initial/Foundation Training for Safe Environment.

Serving the Church as an employee or volunteer is not a right but a privilege with great responsibility.

If you have any further questions regarding the Safe Environment program, please contact the parish office.