Gloria In Excelsis Deo

Whole Community Catechesis

Catholic faith formation for baptized children in pre-school through grade six is offered on Tuesday, 6-7:30 pm, and Wednesday, 5:30-7:00 pm, during the school year.  Parents of students are asked to be a part of the opening and closing prayers and are invited to other adult faith formation events.  God invites each of us to deepen our faith through the Good News of Scripture, through the liturgy of the Church, through shared meals in our homes, through the needs of the poor and rejected, through the ongoing teaching of the Church, through all of creation, through the direct witness of others, through the love of our spouses and friends, through the sharing of our faith, and many other ways.  Whole community catechesis is a process of lifelong formation for all the people of the parish through which we become mature Christian disciples. Each of us is called to grow in wisdom, age, and grace.  We need to be a strong household of faith.

Contact Coordinator of Whole Community Catechesis at 480-985-7655 for information or to register.